Mia P37

Product Outline

The PROXIMA accordion company is proud to announce the MIA 37 (piano-type) and MIA B46 (button-type) Digital Accordions. These two models mark the official start of our new PROXIMA company, which is dedicated to digital accordions.

Great care was taken to preserve the feel of an acoustic accordion and all those little details that have turned acoustic accordion instruments into coveted classics that appeal to the mind the hands and the heart. But make no mistake: the MIA-series is quintessentially about technological innovation.

These evolved accordions are both special and unique, waiting for you to make them your own and to convey your emotions through your music like never before on an electronic instrument.

The MIA P37 and B46 are perfect for all accordionists, combining tradition, cutting-edge technology, and aesthetics in one instrument.

Both MIA models have on-board speakers that are driven by a high-quality amplification system.

The wooden cabinet provides an excellent acoustic response, producing a warm clear sound.

The onboard batteries provide 9 hours of operation and can be recharged simply by connecting an AC adaptor directly to the instrument.

All external device connections, including MIDI, USB, and audio, are conveniently

located on the instruments itself.

A rich selection of traditional accordion sounds from around the world, as well as over 109 orchestral sounds and 9 Drum Sets. The 2 powerful multi-effects engines (MFX) is available and can be used to further enhance, the Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2 sections respectively.

A large color display with an intuitive user interface and a host of dedicated buttons allow users to easily control the instrument.

140 user program memories are available to save custom settings for every performance situation.

On the MIA Piano and Button type, layering and zone setup options are available for

the right-hand, providing the ability to play up to four tones at once. Left-hand keyboard modes include several layering options.  The WAV player allows you to play along with your favorite music for practice purposes or live backing using an optional micro SD card device. Accordion performances can be recorded directly to micro SD card memory as well.